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Debt Consolidation will help you reduce your overall debt and your monthly repayments.

Debt Consolidation Experts - f.a.q.

I have a bad credit rating and existing defaults, can I still use your services?
Yes, regardless of your credit file record we should be able to assist you.

Can you contact my finance company and deal with them on my behalf?

I have debt collectors calling me all the time, can you help me with this?
Yes, we can stop debt collectors calls and help you out of this situation.

Can I have only one repayment instead of several repayments each month?
Yes, all your loan repayments will be replaced with a single monthly repayment.

I am in a financial mess and would like to declare a bankruptcy, can you assist here?
Yes, we can organise your bankruptcy papers, how ever you should explore your other options before you declare yourself bankrupt. 2009 All rights reserved | Privacy